It’s my plan to have lunch with 500 strangers in 5 years.
27 August 2019.
I’m certain these 500 lunches are going to change my life.

I say that for two reasons.

First, thinking big forces you to confront your limiting beliefs, to expand your idea of what’s possible and to learn new skills. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve your audacious goal.

Second, the more people you meet, the more opportunities that come your way. I don’t know when these opportunities will arrive, how they’ll arrive or what they’ll look like. But I’m certain that massively expanding my network will send opportunities my way.

No, no and no. This is a personal growth project, not a romantic or religious or sales project. Having lunch with 500 strangers will help me expand my network, improve my social skills and acquire more knowledge.
I stole the idea off the wonderful Kaley Chu after reading her wonderful book, 100 Lunches With Strangers, in mid-2019. You should buy a copy!
Sometimes, I choose people because we’ve interacted on social media and I want to meet them in real life. Sometimes, I choose people if they have an interesting job or background. Sometimes, I get referred to them by a friend or previous lunch companion. Sometimes, they choose me: they contact me after hearing about my #500lunches journey.
With cold contacts, I usually message them over LinkedIn. With referrals, I generally email or text.
We usually meet near their office.
Anything and everything! The most common topics are work, family, personal development and life goals.
We usually split the bill. But sometimes they pay for me or I pay for them.
Some people call me a ‘fussy eater’; I prefer to think of myself as a ‘strategic eater’. So I avoid inedible foods (spicy dishes, sophisticated dishes, vegetables) in favour of edible foods (meat, pizza, pasta). My lunch companions eat whatever they want.
No (but maybe yes). No because I’m not trying to turn any of these people into clients of my business. Yes because when you become a better person and expand your network, new opportunities come your way.
I’m not planning to write a book – but I’m not not planning to write a book. (If I do write a book, it will be free of double negatives.)