David D’Roza, the 111th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, has a big, beautiful, crazy dream.

David’s dream is to jump on his motorbike and ride around the world.

Actually, ‘dream’ is the wrong word. This needs to be called a ‘plan’, because David’s vision is clear and precise.

David is going to ride from Sydney to Melbourne and catch the ferry to New Zealand. After touring NZ, he’s going to fly to South America and travel all the way to Alaska. 

Next, he’s going to fly to London, hop over to the continent, drop down into Africa, explore the Middle East, go to Russia, then China, then his homeland of India.

After seeing friends and family, he’s going to travel around Asia, before flying to Darwin and riding back to Sydney.

During his adventure, David plans to do volunteer work and raise money for mental health. This is a cause that’s dear to his heart: before moving to Australia, he created a suicide prevention group.

David is an extraordinary person. He’s warm, open-minded and a big thinker. That explains why he’s just started a very different journey – having lunch with 100 strangers. I was honoured to be his first.