Tony Jose, the 223rd person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, is a citizen of the world with a cosmopolitan outlook on life.

Tony was born in India; attended school in Saudi Arabia; went to university in India; worked in India, Qatar and the UAE; and then moved to Australia in 2009, where he’s studied, worked and founded two businesses.

As a result, Tony has a more sophisticated worldview than most people. He understands how different people think and different cultures operate.

Another thing that struck me is his desire to serve. In Tony’s first business, a life care equipment provider, and his current business, Webyroo, a full-service digital marketing agency, Tony’s focus has always been to make customers happy and provide them with overwhelming value. That’s because he genuinely cares.

Tony has a lot on his plate – running a business, managing staff and looking after a one-year-old baby. Thankfully, he’s not afraid of hard work.