Julian (Jolly) Day, the 340th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, is a consummate networker, an inveterate entrepreneur and a man who makes things happen.

On the professional front, Jolly is one of Australia’s leading IT professionals, having founded a technology awards business, Consensus, and an industry association, the Australian Consensus Technology Association

Much of Jolly’s success is due to the fact that he’s not only a big thinker, he’s also got the energy and discipline to turn his dreams into reality. He’s also a big believer in networking, which allows him to build relationships with people who can help him achieve his goals.

At the same time, Jolly has done incredible things outside work.

Back in 2008, he founded the Waterline Challenge Foundation, which encourages people to raise money for charity by running, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, rowing and sailing along Australia’s waterline.

The year before, in an attempt to improve his mental health, Jolly decided to walk from Sydney to Wollongong; later, he walked from Wollongong to Jervis Bay; then, over a series of trips, he ended up walking the entire New South Wales coastline. Jolly has recounted the experience in a book, ‘Walking on a Bob or Two’, which I’m looking forward to reading.

Jolly is also in the process of creating an incredible international event, based around the Julian calendar, which will be held in London in 2025.

People called Julian Day (or Julienne Day or other close alternatives) will gather at the Prime Meridian in Greenwich – which is closely connected to our modern system of dates, maps and time – to link hands and honour their common heritage. In the process, Jolly aims to raise £260,000 for charity.

I should also mention that Jolly is very generous – and not just because of all the fundraising he’s done over the years. Without any prompting, Jolly offered to introduce me to a potential client, both to help me grow my business and help his friend solve a problem. That’s the sort of person he is.

I’m grateful to have made friends with someone so thoughtful and visionary.