Damon McDonald, the 146th person I’ve met on my journey to have lunch with 500 strangers, corrected me during our lunch.

He doesn’t have a mission, as I’d just suggested; he has an obsession.

Damon’s obsession is to help children appreciate their vast potential and understand the hero’s journey they’re on.

He’s finished writing an illustrated children’s book, Iam Awesome, Who are You?, which teaches both those lessons. The book will be published in 2021.

Three years ago, Damon was experiencing severe depression. His marriage had ended, he’d lost access to his stepchildren and he’d lost his home – so his identity of husband, father and homeowner was gone.

As a way of coping, he started building a boat, which inspired him to sink his savings into a boat business. People kept telling him “that’s awesome” …  which, in part, eventually led to his book idea.

At first, Damon resisted the idea. But when it became too powerful to ignore, he closed the business and poured his heart – and savings – into his Iam Awesome obsession.

Yes, Damon is also on a hero’s journey. All of us are, he explained. We just need the self-awareness to recognise it and the courage to pursue it.