I didn’t fully appreciate the difficulties of running an aged care facility until I met Sarah Barter.

Sarah, the 208th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, has a consulting business that specialises in aged care.

As Sarah explained, aged care facilities have to provide a 24-hour service to residents who require a high level of attention. They also have to meet strict compliance and reporting obligations. And they have to do all that while turning a profit.

Very tough.

Sarah has spent her career working in aged care and health. She also lectures on the subject at Western Sydney University.

Often, CEOs call in Sarah to make sure their facilities are able to pass external reviews. But Sarah sees her role as going beyond that. She wants to help clients drive improvement across the board, so they’re able to provide better service – rather than just pass a test.

Sarah is an extrovert who enjoys meeting people and putting relationships at the centre of her work. She’s more than just an expert: she’s also someone who genuinely cares.