“So are we all just playing roles?” I asked Evie Suss, the 73rd person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers.

Evie, who works as a mindset coach, had been telling me how some of her clients seem compelled to follow certain paths in life, even if they’re not sure why.

If we conclude, when we’re children, that our natural behaviours and choices are wrong, we might become conditioned to forcing ourselves to do the ‘right’ thing instead. So instead of being who we really are, we go through life acting out a different version of ourselves.

Evie’s coaching seems perfectly suited to these strange times, in which many people would be questioning their life choices and wondering how they can be happier and more fulfilled.

Evie grew up in England, but destiny, she joked, may have caused her to move to Australia in 2013.

Evie’s grandmother was infatuated with Australia and would watch whatever Aussie programs she could find on TV – Neighbours, A Country Practice, Sons & Daughters and more. Evie’s grandmother never visited Australia, but, one day, Evie’s partner announced that he’d been offered a job in Australia. The universe works in mysterious ways.