Fancy leaving the rat race? Karman Fung, the 157th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, did so in 2017, after becoming financially independent.

She’s even published a book on the subject, Ignite Your Superpower – How To Quit 9-5.

Karms had built a successful career as a corporate accountant – she’d worked hard, aimed high and climbed the greasy pole. But then she’d discovered money and status were less fulfilling than she’d imagined.

So she quit, to pursue more enriching experiences, like travel and personal development.

But early retirement turned out to be overrated, because Karms wasn’t making an impact and didn’t have meaningful goals. So, in 2019, she re-entered the corporate world, as a change leader. 

This role was a stepping stone to meet her higher purpose; Karms has now resigned to leave the corporate world for good. Karms has started coaching people who want to advance their career or achieve financial independence. She plans to change 1,000 lives – the very definition of making an impact and having a meaningful goal.

The main thing that stops people living their dreams is limiting beliefs, according to Karms.