Brendan Rogers is a gun. He’s smart, insightful, empathetic.

It makes sense when you know what Brendan does for a living – he’s a leadership and team performance coach with BR Consulting.

Brendan was the seventh person I’ve met as part of my project to have lunch with 500 strangers in five years.

We spent two fascinating hours discussing corporate leadership, office politics and personal motivation.

Whether you work for a good company or a bad company, Brendan explained, the tone is set by the big boss and inevitably filters down through the organisation.

Good companies create cultures where people are willing to speak up about internal dysfunction and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable about their own struggles.

Brendan’s eyes light up when he’s discussing team-building and problem-solving. He loves his job and is obviously very good at it.

If you want someone to turn your company from a collection of individuals into a cohesive unit, Brendan’s your man.