Linda Lee, the 143rd person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, got knocked down – but she’s gotten up again.

Linda suffered a brain tumour, which initially threatened her life, and then, after she recovered, left her with an impaired memory. 

That memory problem made it hard for Linda to communicate, which in turn cost her her job, her relationship and some friendships.

Many people would’ve given up at that point – but Linda is a strong person who, day after day after day, works hard to push her life forward, in lots of different ways.

Linda is in the process of meeting 100 strangers (I was her 33rd), so she can improve her confidence. She reads personal development books, so she can expand her knowledge. She ends each day by thinking of one thing she’s grateful for, so she can improve her mindset.

During our lunch, Linda committed to a new challenge – publishing daily videos, so she can share her story and explain the challenges of living with a memory condition.

Partly, this is Linda’s way of building her personal brand and attracting opportunities. And, partly, it’s so she can help others who are struggling with similar challenges.