Alvin Rajakumar, the 383rd person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, has a revealing insight into business, which is that most companies – even mature ones with seven-figure revenues – don’t have a marketing plan.

Alvin is the owner of a full-service digital marketing agency, Your Business Live, so this is something he encounters on a regular basis.

When Alvin speaks to prospective clients and discovers they don’t have a marketing plan, he insists that one be created before they start working together. Because you can’t choose the right path if you haven’t figured out your destination.

On a related note, Alvin’s clients also need to have a growth mindset, because a company that is reluctant to invest time and money in growing its sales is unlikely to be a good fit with a marketing agency.

Alvin is one of those people who exude positivity and energy. He loves learning – both about business and himself – and is passionate about marketing. Before founding Your Business Live, in 2023, he spent 13 years in corporate marketing and sales roles, which gave him a great education in building brands, generating enquiries and converting leads into sales.

Recently, Alvin launched a podcast, Whatever It Takes, which allows him to combine business with pleasure. Personally, Alvin gets to acquire new knowledge through his guests; and, professionally, he’s able to strengthen his personal brand, which will make it easier to attract and convert clients.

That sounds like a great plan to me.