Have you ever felt you’re in the wrong career? That you belong in a different job … but you’re just not sure what it is?

If so, you should speak to Jo Green, the 166th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers.

Jo is a career change coach: she helps people discover what they should be doing, and then guides them from their unfulfilling current job to their exciting new profession.

Coaching is Jo’s fourth career – and the first where she’s felt passionate about her work.

Jo studied biology at university. But her first job had nothing to do with her degree – she joined a company that helped professionals relocate from one city to another. Feeling unfulfilled, she moved to market research. But that didn’t feel right either, so she switched to fundraising for charities. Eventually, feeling burned out and that she was on the wrong path, she quit her job, without having a clear idea of what would come next.

Soon after, Jo took a career change coaching program … and, suddenly, everything made sense.

Jo is a warm person with an enquiring mind and great listening skills – just the sort of qualities you’d want in a coach.