I knew Kitt Morjanova, the 249th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, was going to be unlike anyone else from the way she responded to my invitation.

“I love it! What a brilliant adventure. Yes. With two requests,” she said.

  1. Complete a set of leadership profile questions before our meeting
  2. Wear something quirky on the day

That’s why two oddly-dressed strangers met for lunch. To enhance our ability to see with fresh perspectives, Kitt stuck a googly eye on each of our foreheads.

Unsurprisingly, Kitt turned out to be a free thinker. But there’s precise structure and deep wisdom beneath the surface. She asks penetrating questions – the kind that force you to think differently about a situation, so you see it in a new light.

She’s also very smart, perceptive and kind. And she definitely can’t be put in a box.

Kitt is a human who guides companies to address serious business problems by looking at the root cause – not just the superficial symptom, but the systems and structures that created the issue in the first place.

There’s a clear link between questions and thoughts, and actions and outcomes. Opening ourselves up to serious questions and different thoughts can feel threatening. But if we don’t, our actions don’t change and neither do our results.