When I started my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, I flew from Sydney to Melbourne for my first lunch. Why? Because that’s where Kaley Chu – the woman who inspired my #500lunches journey – lives.

What goes around comes around.

On a Sunday morning, Adam Hindmarch, who’s been following my #500lunches journey, flew from Adelaide to Sydney to have lunch with me.

It was my 49th lunch and Adam’s first.

Adam hasn’t decided how many lunches with strangers he’s going to have, but he does know he wants to meet four new people per week, both in-person and by video call.

I was incredibly flattered that Adam flew interstate to meet me.

Adam is a property investment adviser with Prospa Property Advisory, and he works with investors throughout Australia, so once we’d booked the lunch, he decided to add on a client meeting before returning to the airport.

So he was able to kill two networking birds with one stone.

Adam is fun, friendly bloke with a sharp business brain. Before he opened his property business in 2015, he worked as a mortgage broker and a policeman.

The two of us hit it off. Adam is returning to Sydney in March, so we’ll be catching up again soon.