Feeling unloved, unworthy or unsafe?

You might not be feeling any of these emotions on a conscious level – but there’s a good chance you’re feeling at least one of them on an unconscious level, according to Greg Gillies, the 15th person I met as part of my journey to have lunch with 500 strangers.

Greg is a life coach and an incredibly fascinating man. He helps businessmen release the negative belief systems that are causing them stress and holding them back.

Greg coaches from experience. From the outside, his life looked perfect: he was a successful entrepreneur with a fast-growing business. Inside, though, he was miserable, and drinking heavily to mask the pain. Three years ago, he had a breakdown, which prompted him to go on his own journey of self-discovery and, ultimately, become a life coach.

Most of Greg’s clients are suffering from “societal hypnosis”. They’re pursuing wealth and corporate success for external validation – and achieving it. Yet they’re anxious and depressed, and abusing drugs and alcohol.

Why? Because, deep down, they feel unloved or unworthy or unsafe.