Murray Hughes, the 75th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, has abs to die for.

Murray had always wanted to have a perfect six-pack. So he tried five different times, using five different methods … and found five different ways to fail.

Frustrated, he spent a year reading about the science of weight loss, before discovering there are four things you must do if you want to get shredded. The first two are obvious – exercise regularly and eat healthily. But you also need to reduce your stress and improve your self-image, Murray learned.

Armed with this new knowledge, Murray made a sixth attempt to get abs – and, this time, he succeeded. Within three months, Murray had changed from looking like a 40-year-old slob to a ripped underwear model. Now, aged 50, he looks just as good and he teaches other men how to transform their body

Earlier in his life – before he got the abs – Murray spent a decade travelling the world. Along the way, he tried lots of online businesses. Some failed, but two were very profitable – one site that reviewed home gym equipment and another that taught people how to make their own dog food.