impresses you the moment you meet him.

He’s athletic, he’s confident, he’s engaging.

Yet he turns out to be even more impressive as you get to know him.

Jimmy was the eighth person I met as part of my project to have lunch with 500 strangers.

Jimmy works as a premium client manager for wealthy and active traders – and you don’t get trusted with investors of that stature unless you’re also a high-calibre person.

The secret to Jimmy’s success, I discovered, is that he’s comfortable with being uncomfortable.

He wakes up between 4-5am seven days a week. He takes two cold showers per day. He puts his body through punishing workouts. He practises intermittent fasting.

Why? Because Jimmy applies the Japanese business concept of ‘kaizen’ to his personal life – a never-ending process of incremental improvement.

Jimmy wasn’t always like this. There was a time, he says, when he fell into a harmful comfort zone. So he flicked a switch in his brain. Comfort, negativity and complexity were banished from his life; discomfort, positivity and simplicity were welcomed in.

Does it work? Hell, yes. Jimmy Pan is a weapon.