Our experiences as children shape our lives, for better or worse. 

For Matthew Brown, the happy, successful life he’s built as an adult has been strongly influenced by two significant themes that ran through his childhood.

Matt, the 188th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, was a successful athlete as a boy. Winning event after event conditioned him to think that if he worked hard and aimed high, he could achieve anything he wanted. So he’s turned into a very positive, confident adult.

Matt grew up in a household that always had everything it needed, but sometimes missed out on things it wanted. So since his early twenties, Matt has been building a series of businesses and working towards creating financial security to enjoy time freedom. Being the positive, confident person he is, he’s always known he’d achieve his goals.

Matt wears multiple business hats. His firm, Your Corner 360, provides financial advice, accounting, business advisory services, financial education, venture capital investing and property development. He also works as a real estate investment specialist with Bricklet. If you’re wondering when he finds time to sleep – well, he gets up at 4am, so he can grind out four hours of ultra-productive work before the torrent of emails and phone calls begins. Then he hits the gym at about 9am, which, at that time of day, is empty.


While Matt is a high achiever, he’s also very friendly and down to earth. He loves helping people and teaching others. He wants everyone to live successful, fulfilling lives.

That explains why Matt is working on a not-for-profit financial literacy program he plans to roll out in schools next year.