What do Australian music star Missy Higgins and Tremayne Murphy have in common?

Back in 2001, Missy and Tremayne were co-winners of JJJ Unearthed, a competition for unsigned musical talent.

Tremayne, the 90th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, was part of a four-piece band, called Mumonkan.

So, was Tremayne the lead singer, the guitarist or the drummer?

Actually, he was the bagpiper. He also did some rap cameos. Oh, and he had long hair.

Sadly, as Tremayne explained, Mumonkan were too rocky for dance fans and too dancey for rock fans, which is why they never reached the heights of Higgins.

And so Tremayne was forced to ditch the glamour of a hand-to-mouth existence in the music industry and go corporate instead.

Tremayne has built a successful career, which has included founding an online education provider, and, now, being a partner in a prominent offshoring business, 24×7 Direct.

Offshoring seems like a natural fit for Tremayne, because he’s got a knack for saving money. During his Mumonkan days, Tremayne worked for a while in a print room, which explains why the band always had plenty of posters.