You know when you’ve met Angelina Zimmerman: she’s a ball of energy who smiles often, laughs loudly and has an infectious personality.

Angie, the 140th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, is also a woman of many talents. She hosts a podcast, she’s a former columnist for Inc. Magazine – and, for the past six years, she’s had a business as a mindset coach.

Most of us massively underestimate our potential, according to Angie.

Her clients generally look confident on the surface; underneath, though, they suffer from a lack of self-belief, which holds them back in their personal or professional life. Angie’s job is to identify the blockages so they can fulfil their potential.

Angie speaks from experience: she’s had times when she’s struggled in business and questioned herself. That’s why she enjoys helping others overcome similar challenges.

I really hit it off with Angie – mostly because she’s so much fun, but partly, I suspect, because we’re so different. I often describe myself as an anti-social introvert; Angie, though, is a vibrant extrovert who loves people.