Ever heard of the concept of a ‘life by design’?

Many people stumble into careers and routines that they endure rather than enjoy. But with a life by design, you consciously choose to do those things that make you happy.

Enter Todd Liubinskas, the 30th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers.

Todd’s life is centred almost entirely around the things he loves – fitness, community, business and helping others.

Todd is a personal trainer. He’s co-owner of CSP Gym. He’s the founder of the Let’s Get Going charity. He’s the fitness director at Men’s Health magazine. He’s a brand ambassador for Lululemon. He’s also director of The 440, a community running program that started in Sydney this year and which is now going global. Obviously, Todd isn’t busy enough, so he also competes in gruelling endurance events.

It’s hard not to be impressed by Todd. He’s smart, ambitious and built like a Greek God. But he’s also extremely empathetic. One of the reasons Todd is such a successful personal trainer is that he builds strong emotional connections with his clients.

I met Todd at a Bondi Beach cafe. When lunch was over, he went for a swim.