Since I began my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers in five years, I’ve noticed something: chatty people tend to be better at talking than listening.

What struck me about Georgia Giannaros, the 132nd person I’ve met, is that she’s not only a great conversationalist, she’s also a great listener.

That’s probably why I quickly felt at ease with Georgia and really enjoyed our lunch.

Whenever Georgia spoke, she would always find a way to advance the conversation, whether through making a clever observation, sharing an interesting story or asking a thoughtful question. And when she listened, she made me feel like she cared. 

Georgia works in sales: she’s the growth manager for Monoova, a fintech that offers real-time payments through the New Payments Platform for businesses via APIs. So her people skills really come in handy, as do some of her other qualities – she’s persistent, thinks like an entrepreneur and enjoys hunting for business.

Another thing that struck me about Georgia was her generosity. She gave me some great sales advice and offered to connect me to potential clients.

Thank you, Georgia, for a wonderful lunch and for being such a wonderful person.