I’ve set myself an audacious goal: I’m going to have lunch with 500 strangers during the next five years.

Yes, that’s a lot of chewing and swallowing, but it’s less intimidating when you realise it’s an average of two lunches per week.

Why am I doing this? Well, I was inspired by the amazing Kaley Chu, who had 100 lunches during 2018. As Kaley outlines in her wonderful book, 100 Lunches with Strangers, she made a lot of great relationships during the process, while also improving her communication skills and enjoying many fascinating conversations. I’m hoping for the same.

Kaley experienced enormous growth over the course of her 100 lunches. I find it impossible to believe the same won’t happen to me after 500 lunches.

My first lunch is on Tuesday with … Kaley. We’ve never met, partly because I’m in Sydney and Kaley’s in Melbourne. I’m flying to Melbourne to meet her.

I’ll publish another post after my lunch with Kaley, as well as the rest of my #500lunches, so everyone can follow what I expect will be a life-changing journey.

Want more information? If I haven’t answered your question below, please email me at nick@hunterandscribe.com and I promise to reply.

Are these lunches just a way for you to win clients for your business?

No. I’m not going to ask any of these strangers for money. Also, while I’m open to meeting small business owners (who are my typical clients), I’m going to make a point of targeting people who I wouldn’t normally do business with. After all, the best way to grow is to have different kinds of conversations with different kinds of people.

Do you really expect me to believe you’re not doing this to make money?

Yes – I really am doing this for growth, not money. That said, when you become a better person and expand your network, new opportunities come your way. So, in the long run, I expect to financially benefit from meeting 500 strangers.

Who do you want to have lunch with?

I want to meet people from all backgrounds and industries – university students, business executives, social workers, religious leaders, war veterans, athletes, politicians, pensioners, musicians and anyone else I can think of. The aim is to meet an equal number of men and women.

How are you going to meet these strangers?

Through a combination of cold messaging (via LinkedIn or email) and referrals.

I’m a stranger. Can I have lunch with you?

Yes! Contact me via LinkedIn or email me at nick@hunterandscribe.com and let’s make this happen!