It’s impossible not to be impressed by Max Marchione & Hannah Ahn, two young people who are destined to become superstars.

Max (aged 20) and Hannah (18), the 159th and 160th people I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, are blessed with high levels of both IQ and EQ.

Despite their age, they’ve somehow found the time to start businesses, do internships, attend university, read professional development books … and even invite a grizzled old man to lunch.

To get a sense of Max, all you need to know is he took a gap year to focus on informal education – during which he read 75 books and took 11 online courses.

As for Hannah, she wanted to work at Canva – so she (successfully) cold-pitched Canva by building a website that explained why she loved the company and how she could help.

Clearly, Max and Hannah have superb intellects – but I was even more impressed by their emotional intelligence.

They asked thoughtful questions, listened attentively and did lots of little things to build rapport. So I felt comfortable in their presence and really enjoyed our lunch.

Don’t be surprised if all of us end up working for Max and Hannah one day.