I regularly send messages to strangers along the lines of: “You don’t know me, but I’m in the process of having lunch with 500 strangers, so do you want to meet?”

That was how I made contact with Simran Singh. When I did so, she sent me a surprising reply:

“That would be great to meet up as I’ve just announced my plan to do 100 coffees in 100 days, an initiative to bring back old school meet ups in an age where all communications are online.”

So we ended up killing two networking birds with one stone. Sim became my 53rd lunch, while I became her 18th coffee.

Sim is the owner of LegalStudio, a marketing agency for legal professionals. She’s both a marketing expert and an ex-lawyer, so if you’re a lawyer who wants to improve your marketing, she’d be a wonderful partner.

Sim is fun, smart and has a great sense of humour – which was a relief, because we didn’t just have lunch together, we also had coffee.

When we weren’t talking about our respective businesses and the strangers we’ve met, we talked about our shared love of travelling.

Sim grew up in Adelaide, and spent time living in Melbourne, London, Paris and Miami, before moving to Sydney in 2014.