When Jack Fouracre was younger, he had a vague sense he was destined for bigger and better things – he just had no idea what they were or how to achieve them.

Jack, the 193rd person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, got off to what appeared to be a fast start. He bought an investment property at 18 and another at 20, with money he’d saved while working for his father’s milk delivery business.

In hindsight, though, it was a false start. The two units ended up being poor performers, while doing the milk run day after day turned out to be maddeningly tedious.

But delivering milk did have one benefit – it gave Jack the chance to binge on podcasts. Jack says he was never good at school, but he was able to get the equivalent of a university education while driving his truck.

What did Jack do with his ‘university’ education? After spending years listening to property and finance podcasts, he decided to become a mortgage broker. It turned out to be an inspired decision, not just because Jack is good at the job but because it aligns with his personality and values.

Jack is a people person who enjoys relationships. He likes helping people build wealth and avoid making the same property investment mistakes as him. He also likes the challenge of growing a business and maximising his potential. These are all things Jack now gets to do.

In other words, Jack is living the bigger, better life he was always striving for.