Anna Bashkirova, the 309th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, was so perturbed by how little she knew about human behaviour that she embarked on what proved to be a life-changing quest.

Anna spent four years soaking up information. The more she learned, the more gaps she realised needed to be filled. At the same time, as Anna became more aware of her own patterns, she adopted more resourceful habits and changed who she spent time with.

Anna’s intention throughout this process was to better understand herself and those around her. Eventually, though, she realised she wanted to use this knowledge to support others. 

So, in 2019, Anna quit her corporate career and launched EQuilibrium Consulting & Coaching

Anna helps business owners and executives achieve sustainable high performance, in part by helping them improve their relationships – both with others and themselves. That means they need to better understand their thought patterns; and make those patterns work for rather than against them. This  may seem daunting, but it can result in less stress, more success and better relationships.

Anna is incredibly passionate about her work, because she knows, from her own experience, how beneficial coaching can be.

Humans generally operate on autopilot. Not only are most of our actions the result of unconscious thoughts – but most of us don’t realise. If we want to fly the plane to a different destination, we first need to recognise that we haven’t really been controlling it.