Wow! Mel Armstrong-Jones, the 45th person I’ve met on my #500lunches journey, is one seriously impressive human.

She’s a tech entrepreneur futurist. She’s a keynote speaker. She’s a trainer. She’s an author. She’s a mother of two. Oh, and she’s also an award-winning celebrant and yoga instructor, because it’s not like she’s got enough going on.

Mel has worked on VR technology to help mental illness or post-traumatic stress injuries. Her tech allows you to put on a VR headset and watch therapeutic scenes, with her app then recording changes in your blood pressure and heart rate.

PTSD is a cause close to Mel’s heart. She’s about to publish a book called Brave Humanity, which will explain why PTSD occurs in many trauma circles globally and how it can be managed.

Mel and her co-founder, Raj, spent the second half of 2019 working together on solutions using augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and artificial intelligence in the medical, engineering, education and gaming fields.

Mel is not only an extraordinary person, she’s also great fun and really kind. Don’t go out with her if you’re in a rush – she strikes up friendly conversations with everyone she meets!