Tanya Kunze, the 391st person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, had an idea for a TV show, which she pitched to CNBC Africa.

Tanya was running a company that was the market leader in corporate wellness, and was passionate about the subject, so she suggested that CNBC Africa broadcast a show about the financial benefits of a physically, mentally and emotionally healthy business.

CNBC Africa accepted Tanya’s pitch – provided she could find a major sponsor. So Tanya booked meetings with two of her biggest clients, one of which committed to sponsor the program – provided Tanya agreed to be the host.

That was how Tanya ended up as the host of Healthy Business.

This anecdote highlights Tanya’s drive, strategic thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, which help make her the exceptional person she is.

These days, Tanya is a management consultant and executive coach, whose practice is based on her diverse corporate experience and her education in neuroscience. She doesn’t use someone else’s methodology, which would force her to implement the same solution whatever the client’s problem; instead, she uses her own methodology, which means she’s able to adapt to the client’s unique scenario.

Tanya is also a keynote speaker and published author, who’s in the process of writing her fourth book.

One of the things that sets Tanya apart from others is her superb mindset. She consciously reminds herself to be grateful for what she has and to recognise that she’s surrounded by opportunity. When you have that outlook on life, you tend to attract the right people and to make things happen.