‘Care less and do more’ would be a good way to sum up the philosophy of Stephanie Nguyen, the 367th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers.

Steph has accomplished an enormous amount in her 28 years, including co-founding a student association, being named in the Top 100 Women in Construction ranking and publishing her own personal development podcast, Master of Achievement.

Most people don’t have the courage to pursue audacious goals. Steph used to be the same, until she decided she was no longer going to pay attention to what ‘they’ might say. 

Part of the reason Steph decided to care less and do more was hearing a sobering statistic – the average person lives for just 4,000 weeks. Once Steph learned that time was at such a premium, she realised procrastination was a luxury she couldn’t afford.

Steph has a burning drive to impact society. To do that, she believes she needs to keep learning and growing, which means casting aside her limiting beliefs.

As I was chatting with Steph, I couldn’t believe she was still in her twenties. She possesses the energy of a young person, and the wisdom and maturity of someone twice her age.