Hannah Moreno, the 91st person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, has written dozens of stories for Australia’s leading newspapers.

Not that Google has any idea.

Hannah is the managing director of PR agency Third Hemisphere, which means she writes media releases and pitches them to media outlets.

If you do a Google search for any of those articles, somebody else’s name will appear – the journo’s name if it’s a news story, the client’s name if it’s a guest column.

Still, Hannah shares the stories with her mum, so at least somebody knows.

Getting a story into a national publication like The Australian or the Australian Financial Review is hard work, as Hannah explained. 

You need to be across the news cycle. You need to work with the client to create a relevant media release. You need to pitch it to the right journo at the right time. And you need to have built a strong relationship with the journo so they’ll pay attention to your media release.

Hannah founded Third Hemisphere in 2015. The agency specialises in technology and finance. The next time you read a tech or finance story in a daily newspaper – don’t be surprised if it’s Hannah’s work.