I’ve set myself the goal of having lunch with 500 strangers. Part of the reason is that I want to be inspired by the people I meet – which is what happened when I met Andrew Third for lunch number 6.

After 13 years in IT, Andrew wanted a change. So, in 2017, he opened Be In Wealth, a buyer’s agency business that uses AI to locate suitable assets for property investors.

During his nearly three years in business, Andrew has been on a journey of self-improvement. He’s been building relationships, overcoming obstacles and expanding his mindset – and Be In Wealth has been growing in tandem.

Earlier this year, Andrew dreamed up the idea of Corework, a co-working space he wants to open next year in Hornsby. It won’t just be a place to get stuff done; it will also focus on family, sustainability and mental health.

All the growth and success Andrew has enjoyed over the past few years has given him the vision and ambition to tackle projects like Corework. Like I said – inspiring.

As part of Small Business Month, Corework and Hornsby Council are hosting a networking event on October 8.