When one door closed for Kate Hore-Lacy, another one opened.

Kate, the 78th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, auditioned for Australia’s prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Arts, soon after finishing school, but fell just short.

Her dream of being a musical performer seemed to be over, so she threw herself into sales instead.

Kate was wildly successful, becoming state sales manager at a clothing company at just 19. Later, after moving from Melbourne to Sydney, she built another very successful career, this time in IT recruitment.

Suddenly, though, the money dried up – but for a very good reason.

Kate, who had never stopped writing songs and singing, was at a new year’s eve house party one year when she was urged by some friends to perform an a cappella number. A professional singer happened to be at the party, he liked what he heard … and Kate then embarked on a 10-year singing career. It was far less lucrative than sales, but incredibly fulfilling. 

Kate changed paths in 2015, after an entrepreneur friend made a heartfelt plea to her for sales training. That inspired Kate to start her current business, New Wave Sales Success.