You’re feeling disconnected and unfulfilled as an employee. But you’re nervous about launching your own business. So what now?

Call Carole Issa, the 125th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers.

Carole was once like you – a frustrated employee who felt uninspired in her job and wished she had more creativity in her roles and worked for companies that shared her values.

So, in 2015, Carole started a coaching business, called Alephpreneur. She works with creative types who want to start a side hustle but are not sure how to turn their talents and skills into a business.

Carole doesn’t give her clients the answers – that’s the difference between coaching (her speciality) and mentoring. Instead, Carole helps clients figure out the answers themselves, so they can evolve from reliant to trusting themselves.

Carole also works with managers who enjoy corporate life and who want to become better leaders.

If you’re imagining Carole is a strong communicator with excellent people skills – you’d be right. But if you’re imagining she’s outgoing and extroverted – you’d be wrong. Carole speaks with authority, but she’s quiet and enjoys her own company.