Visharadha Peters, the 298th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, has a burning desire to improve the healthcare sector.

Not as a medical professional or supplier, but an events provider.

Last year, Radha founded NextWave Events, an events company that specialises on the future of the Australian healthcare sector. Radha is inspired by her mother (a nurse for over 20 years) and twin sister (who works at the Children’s Medical Research Institute) to bring positive change to the healthcare industry. 

After discovering the challenges the sector faces, Radha wanted to use her company as a force for good. Her contribution is to stage events that showcase new technologies, promote innovative ideas, respond to challenges in the sector and allow industry professionals to network with each other.

When Radha speaks about her business, industry and mission, she does so with a passionate intensity. She’s all in.

A large part of Radha’s job is to attract high-calibre decision-makers as speakers, and forge partnerships with sponsors and delegates. So it helps that she overflows with positive energy; charisma even.

“I love networking,” Radha said during our lunch, which didn’t surprise me, because she’s definitely a people person and understands the value of relationships.

What did surprise me, though, was to discover Radha is only 25 years old. I was amazed that someone so smart and ambitious could still be in their twenties.

I’ve got no doubt that NextWave Events will be massively successful.