My lunch with Tsui Lin Lian was so engrossing that we literally got locked in the venue.

Tsui Lin Lian, the 287th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, is a very impressive person and wonderful conversationalist.

We had so much to talk about that, without realising it, almost two and a half hours passed by and the restaurant emptied around us. We only came to our senses when we heard a loud thud – the staff locking the front door. That was our cue to leave – although when we tried, we couldn’t, because the door was locked.

What did we talk about? Everything from contracts (Tsui Lin Lian is a commercial lawyer), communications and negotiating to psychology, motivation and impostor syndrome. And much more as well, because the conversation flowed effortlessly from topic to topic.

Part of the reason Tsui Lin is such a great conversationalist is because she’s an excellent listener and asks perceptive questions – which you can only do when you’re really listening. Also, she’s very warm and open – which means she’s easy to talk to.

I’m looking forward to our next lunch. I have no idea what we’ll talk about, but I know it will be interesting.