To his friends, he’s Matthew Erwin. But to his clients, he’s The Cashman.

Matt, the 258th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, is the owner of Cashman Consulting, a finance broking business that finds working capital and asset finance funding solutions for other businesses.

Back in 1998, during Matt’s corporate career, he started wearing a special Cashman superhero costume to give presentations. These days, the costume has been retired, but the nickname remains.

One reason Matt acquired his nickname is because he’s very good at helping clients – who often have complicated problems – get finance. Another reason is that he’s got a colourful personality and has the confidence to be different.

Matt lives and breathes finance … and cycling. He cycles about 150km per week and, for fun, recently cycled the 70km from Sydney to Springwood. “How did you get back?” I asked, not realising it was a silly question. “I rode,” Matt smiled.