Andrew Squires, the 23rd person I’ve met on my journey to have lunch with 500 strangers, is proof that one moment can change your life.

Andrew became a qualified painter after leaving school. After a few years of working for others, and then running his own successful small business, his curiosity of the world led him to buy a one-way ticket to North America, where the unknown awaited him.

Two years into his adventure, road-tripping through British Columbia, Andrew listened to a cassette a friend had given him, from a bloke he’d never heard of – Tony Robbins.

That tape changed everything.

Robbins made Andrew realise he had been massively underachieving in life, and that he had the power to accomplish anything.

One decision can change your life, Robbins said. So Andrew decided he would go to university. “Never leave the scene of a decision without first taking a specific action toward its realisation,” Robbins preached. So Andrew immediately enrolled in a course back home.

Returning to Australia, Andrew got a double degree and, following his passion for personal finance, built a career in the finance industry.

All because of that one cassette.