David Lindsay, the 109th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, always carries his mouthguard with him.

That’s because David, who’s a former boxer and cage fighter, never knows when someone will invite him to take part in a sparring session.

David is the sort of person who believes in being prepared and maintaining your peak condition – whether inside or outside the ring.

Take public speaking. David presents to schools and businesses about health, teamwork and motivation – and he regularly practises his presentations at home, just in case a client offers him a gig at short notice.

There are two things that stand out about David. First, he’s a really nice guy. Second, he has an amazing mindset – he’s positive, disciplined and committed to self-improvement.

David wakes up at 3am everyday. At 4am, he arrives at the gym he owns, and does a one-hour workout. He’s then ready to start work when his gym opens at 5.30am.

On the day I met David, he’d also done a 10km run with a series of hill sprints thrown in.

Looking for a corporate speaker? My advice is to call David. He has a great message to share – and you know he’ll always be ready.