Ben Price, the 81st person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, sure gives you value for money.

Because when you meet Ben, you don’t only meet Ben. You also meet Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dr Phil, Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott, Robert DeNiro, Tom Cruise, Christopher Walken and a host of other celebrities.

Ben is a superb impersonator and comedian. When he does an impression, he nails the voice and facial expressions as well as the body language and gestures.

In a normal world, Ben performs at conferences, award nights, cruises, birthdays – even a maximum security female prison on one occasion. In a COVID world, he plies his trade on Zoom.

Ben always wanted to be a performer. Much of his childhood was spent writing skits, telling jokes and doing impersonations. 

When he left school, he initially worked in sales, selling cash registers, photocopiers and property, while doing comedy on the side. By the time he turned 25, he was able to quit sales and become a full-time performer.

If you’re looking for an MC or a comedian, Ben would be a superb choice – whether you’re an event organiser or a prison warden. No joke.