Imagine this. You organise to meet a stranger for lunch. You say hello at 12.30pm. You say goodbye at 5pm. Sounds like a good lunch, no?

Adrian Lea was the 34th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers. And, yes, it was a bloody good lunch.

Adrian is a force of nature. He exudes energy, optimism and charisma. And he’s someone who just wants to give, give, give.

We hit it off. That explains why, when the restaurant closed, we found a cafe to continue our conversation.

Adrian is a country boy who moved to Melbourne after finishing school. After a successful career in construction, he quit three years ago to follow his passion for fitness and helping others. Today, he has an online fitness business, LeaWay Fitness, with clients all over the world.

Remember how I said that Adrian is a giver? He spent much of the lunch passing on high-value advice about strategy and sales. Adrian is further along in his business career than me, and has achieved a lot of success in a short time, so he had a captive audience.

When I left our meeting, I was so overwhelmed with excitement about the future that I felt I was going to explode. Thank you so much, Adrian.