Back in 2015, when Priya Sharma was only 24 years old, something unexpected happened – she had a stroke.

Priya, the 189th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, told me that most people who have strokes experience clotting in one or two parts of their body. But she had the rare misfortune to experience clotting in her brain, lungs and legs.

Priya went through a difficult recovery. If I was in that situation, I suspect I would turn inwards and think only about myself. But in the years since, Priya has worked with the Stroke Foundation on numerous fundraising and awareness projects.

As part of her volunteer work, Priya shares her story in speeches, on podcasts and on TV.

Being so public about something that should be private can be hard sometimes, says Priya. But she feels it’s important to put herself out there, because she wants to help others who are dealing with the same challenges she’s faced over the past six years.

Of course, Priya is more than just her medical history. She’s a smart, compassionate and interesting person who, I discovered, has a passion for creative writing and a knack for asking good questions.