When work is getting stressful or life is getting hard, Raymond Basha has a wonderful way to unwind.

He sings.

Ray, the 182nd person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, is an accomplished tenor.

When Ray was a teenager, he auditioned with Opera Australia, and thought about pursuing a professional singing career.

In the end, Ray pursued a career in HR and payroll instead. But he sings on the side. 

Ray likes to participate in one big amateur production each year. He also does weddings, funerals and voice coaching.

Years ago, Opera Australia told Ray to come back when he was older – when his voice had matured and he’d gained more experience. There’s a small part of Ray that thinks he might one day take them up on that offer. One day.

Ray isn’t just a good singer – he’s also a good conversationalist. Ray is friendly, interesting and very easy to get along with.