One of the reasons I’m having lunch with 500 strangers is so I can get more opportunities in life.

After all, the bigger your network, the more opportunities that come your way.

Since meeting the amazing Mario Bekes at the start of the year, he’s been generous enough to send several opportunities my way.

In January, he invited me on to a radio program he hosts on Alive 90.5 FM. In March, he invited me on to another radio program, this time on SWR 99.9 FM. Today, he hosted me again on Alive 90.5 FM.

Here’s why I eagerly accepted all three invitations:

  • It was great fun – I got to hang out with Mario
  • It was great experience – I got to practise doing radio interviews
  • It was great exposure – I got to discuss my content marketing agency, Hunter & Scribe

How to build a valuable network

Today’s appearance wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t taking deliberate steps to build a valuable network – and, in a nice twist, the theme of the interview was how others can do the same.

Yes, I’ve learned a few lessons after 86 lunches, which I was happy to share with Mario and his wonderful Business Insights program.

Want to know how to build a valuable network? Click here to listen to the interview.

Expert producer Darryn Capes-Davis