Many leaders who look confident and successful on the outside actually feel insecure and anxious on the inside. 

That was something I learned from Evonne Englezos and Sue Paton, the 56th and 57th people I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers.

Their business, MindStrong Global, uses a combination of integrative psychotherapy and executive coaching to help high achievers handle stress.

Leaders often feel like they need to project an image of strength, according to Evonne and Sue, which is why they sometimes regard stress as something shameful or weak. 

That’s why some leaders respond to stress by ignoring it, downplaying it or managing it in unhealthy ways.

Evonne and Sue help people identify the root causes of their stress and give them the psychological tools they need to respond appropriately. Their clients include business leaders, athletes and TV stars – people who might be seriously struggling despite their ‘perfect’ lives.

Evonne and Sue met in 2009 at a psychology course. Later, they went into business together and got married.

Before MindStrong Global, they ran an education and treatment centre for people with eating disorders.