Vanessa Menezes is really popular with her clients – and not just because she’s a very nice person.

Vanessa’s job is to help small businesses get government grants.

Who wouldn’t like Vanessa? 

Vanessa, the 77th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, started her business, The Money Lifeline, in 2016, after working as a corporate accountant.

While many businesses are struggling right now, The Money Lifeline is in the fortunate position of being inundated with work, as a range of government grants have been introduced in the past few weeks in response to the coronavirus crisis.

Before the crisis began, Vanessa had a clever way of picking up new clients. 

She would get a desk at a coworking space, start chatting to a stranger, ask what they did for a living – and then ask if they had applied for a particular grant relevant to their sector.

Who wouldn’t like Vanessa? 

Applying for grants is easier said than done: the criteria can be confusing and many grants are temporary. That’s why Vanessa’s expertise is so valuable. Wondering if you’re entitled to a grant? Contact Vanessa at