“I’m completely obsessed with human behaviour, in case you haven’t realised,” said Emma Dunwoody, the 63rd person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers.

Yes, Emma is obsessed, but in a good way, as I discovered during our meeting.

Emma is a human design coach, which means she helps people recognise the unconscious beliefs that are making them follow unhappy life paths, and then helps them change their thinking so they can live the sort of life that will make them happy.

As Emma explained, so much of our thinking is programmed into us at a young age that we don’t realise that many of the things we know ‘for certain’ are actually false.

That’s why many of Emma’s clients tell her they didn’t realise it was “possible” to have a different career or that they were “allowed” to live a different lifestyle.

Emma speaks from experience. Throughout her childhood, she knew she didn’t want to follow her parents into a soul-destroying career in media … yet she ultimately followed her parents into a soul-destroying career in media because no alternative seemed possible.

Emma knows so much about human behaviour. What a fascinating meeting.