The great thing about having lunch with 500 strangers in five years is you get to meet some extraordinary people.

Like Shane Quinnell.

When I had lunch with Shane, in July, he told me his remarkable story of almost dying during a paragliding accident.

Shane is writing a book about his experiences; in the meantime, he’s just published an ebook. I’ve read it and it’s superb.

As Shane recounts, there was an obvious downside to his accident – he experienced excruciating pain at the time and during his months-long recovery process.

But there was one benefit – it supercharged his mindset.

Shane is now taking those hard-won lessons and using them to inspire others. As a way of giving back, Shane is offering organisations free virtual keynotes to inspire people to overcome the adversity of COVID. My advice is to order a copy of his ebook and book him for your next event. You won’t be disappointed.

To order a free copy of Shane’s ebook, click here. To book Shane for your next event, email him at