When I met Daniel Seldon last year, I quickly realised he was a smart guy.

Now, Dan, the 26th person I’ve met on my quest to have lunch with 500 strangers, has proved it in the best possible way.

Authorities have been urging people to wear P2 face masks to guard against coronavirus – so Dan and his business partners have opened the first factory in Australia making P2 face masks. 

As 7 News reported, Dan’s new business, Advanced Medical Devices, which is based in Sydney, has already sent orders to other parts of the country.

But why start one new business when you can start two?

Dan and his partner, Rachelle Shipley, have also launched Aussie Pharma Direct, an online store selling quality healthcare and wellness products, including the new Australian-made P2 face masks.

Dan and Rachelle were annoyed that a lot of products with an ‘Australian’ label weren’t as Aussie as the producers claimed.

So they solved the problem by founding Aussie Pharma Direct, which only stocks products made in Australian by majority-Australian-owned businesses.

Wow. Two incredibly important new businesses since coronavirus hit. I can’t wait to see what Dan does next pandemic.